Raising Child Models – What You as a Parent Should Do

If you’re looking to help your child become a model, you have to come to terms with the fact that your child’s journey will be yours as well. You are ultimately your child’s partner throughout his career, and if you’re not ready to be there with him every step of the way, it’s unlikely your child will find lasting success as a model.

If you’re a parent looking to jump start your child’s career in the entertainment industry, you can consult our experts at Robert Winsor Institute Acting School in Irvine.

Here are some tips for parents looking to manage their children’s careers the right way.


Accept Rejection

Rejection is a staple of the modeling and acting industry, which means that things might not work out for the soft-hearted. Unless you’re incredibly lucky, your child’s first audition will likely ended up in her being turned down. Learn to accept this, as you will probably face more rejections as you go along. Don’t worry about whether your child wasn’t good looking enough, or talented enough-it’s not necessarily about that. Don’t talk to your child about it and move on with the next audition.

In fact, it’s best to see every audition you get to join as a positive footnote in your child’s portfolio. Being considered for an actual audition, especially by modeling agencies New York or Los Angeles is no small deal, so see it as a win in your book.


Don’t Be a Director-You’re not One

Many parents make the mistake of being “hands on” when their children are on the job. This is a big mistake. When your child is out on a shoot or gig, don’t be a stage parent, and above all, don’t direct your child-that’s not your job, that’s the director’s or photographer’s.

Remember that when you’re on a shoot or set, your job is to provide emotional support. In other words, you’re there to make sure your child is safe and comfortable. Don’t exceed your responsibilities.


Be a Team Player

As a parent, you have to know how to work within a team, especially when it comes to modeling jobs. You have to know how to work with your child as well as with other people on the team when on a shoot or other gig. You also have to accept that your knowledge and experience has its limits, so at times, it’s best to give up the reins to agents from modeling agencies when it comes to things like managing your child’s career.

Being considered for an actual audition, especially by modeling agencies in New York or Los Angeles is no small deal, so see it as a win in your book.


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