Robert Winsor Institute Acting Classes for Self-Development

What are the benefits of taking acting classes? I suppose your first reaction is to assume acting classes are meant for either fine arts students or dreamers hoping for a chance at a Hollywood career. Certainly, these are part of the people interested in taking acting classes but the benefits of acting classes make them a quality activity for a wide range of people. Let’s look at some of the uses and benefits of studying acting at The Robert Winsor Institute.


Regardless of the career you are interested in, Robert Winsor Institute acting classes can dramatically improve your presentation skills. In normal life we don’t often pay attention to how we sound or appear to others. Even less of us have practice in adjusting ourselves to suit a situation. When we need to appear completely confident or knowledgeable about a subject for an important work presentation, we need to be able to show that regardless of any stress we may have. In customer service jobs, it is essential that we seem relaxed, friendly, and helpful despite our own personal problems or that fact that the client may be extremely annoying or simply wrong. In the classes you will focus on your pronunciation, your posture, your body language. Best of all, in a class setting you will have trained professionals and your peers observing you and giving you feedback on how well you succeed. This will enable you to understand and correct how you appear to others and help you become more confident.


Since acting is a difficult activity, you will have to build other important skills. Memory is essential to acting and as in life it must be combined with good timing. Memory is a mental process but using memory is better seen as a physical activity. If you remember a minute late you will be unable to perform. This is also true in life and The Robert Winsor Institute acting classes will give you great practice.


My favourite thing, and the most useful reason to study acting, is that it is an art and thus requires you to be creative. In order to play someone you are not you must simultaneously create a character. Even if you are performing as Hamlet, your Hamlet will be different than any other ever performed. At the same time you will have to be contemplate how someone different might feel, think, and act. What are their motivations? What are their goals? How do they see the world?


All of these question are not only important to understanding a role but important in life. Only when we can imagine what others are feeling can we understand how they will act and why. Though acting may not be your dream, The Robert Winsor Institute Acting Classes can help expand the skills you will need to make your dream possible. Call for more details at (949) 679-3406.

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