Acting Workshops – Being Vulnerable

When it comes to acting, great abilities cannot be formed overnight. Instead, significant effort and training are required to form an individual skilled in his or her craft. One of the most necessary and yet difficult components of great acting is learning to rip past the facade that covers the actors themselves and the characters they create to reveal the true identities within.


Each person and character alike is multi-faceted as opposed to being one-dimensional and static. These dimensions consist of the individual or character’s public persona, his or her deep-seated fears and vulnerabilities, and the tragic flaw. Training with an acting coach can both aid the actor in discovering these dimensions in himself as well as allow him to utilize these personal traits to create very real characters.


Carl Jung espoused the belief that the human person creates a public persona as a means of protecting his true self from others and conveying an image of strength and security as a means for survival. This persona is exemplified in all areas of our lives; from how we move to the way we speak and interact with others. Characters also have personas that they create to protect their true selves from the rest of the world and actors must learn to utilize their own personas to create those of their characters.


Although the public persona is the dimension that is the most easily recognizable and obvious in a character, it is only an exterior facade and not the core of the individual. However, the core of a person lies in their innate strengths, fears, and issues that travel with us from childhood into adulthood. Acting coaches are trained to teach actors to come face to face with their own childhood fears and issues in order to create a truly believable character with great depth and dimension.


These difficulties from our childhood remain with us to adulthood and shape the persona that we create to protect ourselves. Both actors and the characters they create form their public personas as a means of defending themselves from these insecurities. Both actual persons and characters use this public persona to cover up their insecurities and fears so as to reduce their helplessness in the world.

In order to become an exceptional actor, a student must learn to remove the superficial exterior of both his and his character’s public persona in order to uncover the true self. Quality coaches at The Robert Winsor Institute work to train actors in communicating the sacred and intimate core of a person’s soul and being.


Every member of the audience has both a public persona as well as a deeper substance that has worked to create the exterior. Regardless of whether or not they are aware of this fact, creating a dimensional character will never fail to hit a chord with the watcher. The exceptional actor is one who is able to create such a character.


The Robert Winsor Institute and its different platforms, has been around for many years. Young actors get to learn not only how to successfully book work in film, print TV and commercials, but they also become extremely assertive. The Robert Winsor Institute Acting Classes is a team of top entertainment industry teaching professionals providing valuable insider tips and services to empower your craft and career!

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