How to Create Your Characters for Voice Acting?

If you are good at voice acting, you need to start focusing on how you can get the right opportunity that can help you to start your career as voice actor. Although voice acting sounds easy but it is really tough to create characters for voice acting and there are many youngsters that struggle when they are faced with this challenge because they are not sure how they can achieve that. Given below are a few tips by our experts at The Robert Winsor Institute on how you can create your own characters for voice acting:


Use Your Imagination

An actor is incomplete without imagination and therefore voiceover actor also needs to bring out the best creative skills and imagination to work. If you are planning to create your own voice acting characters, you will need to push your imagination limits and think about how you can create your own characters.


You can always make an outline of the story or the script and then think about how you can add more characters to that story or plot. You need to keep in mind that your characters should make sense and make your plot more interesting.


Create Unique Voices

Every character must have a unique voice and once you have fleshed out your characters you need to focus on the voices of each character in the story. You need to pay attention to the body language and the situation of the story and the role of the characters.


Once you have done that, you can think about which kind of voice will fit the character. If you have done various voice acting courses, you will have enough expertise on how you should carve out the voices of each character in the story. If you are not sure, you can get some input from various cartoon movies and radio commercials.


Observe People

Another way to create characters in your story and to have different voices for them is to observe the people around you. Many voice professionals do that because they feel that their characters are inspired from real people.


You need to observe the body language of the people around you and understand how they pronounce and articulate each word in their own accent and language. You can then use your voice talent and voice acting skills to make some changes to that kind of style and create your characters. If you are not good at picking up the accent and voices, you can always record the voices so that you can listen to them when you are alone and try to imitate that voice.


When you are creating characters, you need to use your voice acting skills to make them memorable and larger than life, which will make it worth remembering for a long time to come.


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